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At CrossFit Niseko, we have four distinct programs to help you achieve your fitness goals:

Fundamentals Course: This mandatory 6-class course is to get you primed and ready to do our standard CrossFit workouts and WODs. Here you will get an understanding of the basics of CrossFit including basic lifts and movements. A warm up and stretching will start off each class.After that, you will move on to learning common lifts like squats, deadlifts and overhead presses, just to name a few. The end of the class will feature a beginner level WOD so you get a feel for what you can expect once you graduate from the Fundamentals course to the main workouts.

CrossFit Workouts: A typical CrossFit class will consist of a five-minute warm up followed by technique work. Technique work usually involves working on one or two lifts with an emphasis on proper form while trying to increase the weight along the way. Once technique work is completed, you will do a WOD (workout of the day). WODs can last up to twenty minutes (often shorter)and are always at the end of the workout. Here you will be doing a series of exercises in a set amount of time or for a specific number of rounds.

We offer two types of CrossFit workouts—strength and stamina. Strength WODs will focus primarily on improving overall strength through specific lifts while stamina WODs will test you from a cardiovascular standpoint. For optimal results, you should always do at least one of each per week. Our schedule will list which type of workout is designed for each day.

Open Gym: Our open gym time is available to anyone with an unlimited membership. During this time, there are no predesigned workouts that you are required to do. The gym is free for you to use any way you like whether you want to lift, run or simply stretch and take a few selfies.  A coach will be on staff for assistance and to ensure that you are performing your exercises correctly and safely. Please check our schedule for open gym time as it may vary day to day.

Personal Training:We understand that not everyone is comfortable in a group setting. If you prefer a more individualized training session, CrossFit Niseko can provide that for you. We can customize a program that meets your specific needs. For example, if you are an avid tennis player, we can design a program that helps you improve your game. We also offer small group training sessions so feel free to gather a group of friends and we can put together a class for all of you. Please contact us if you would like personal training as there is a separate fee for this service.

Fundamentals Course

8 Fundamentals classes Learn the basics of CrossFit including common lifts and movements. This course will prepare you to move on to our traditional CrossFit workouts.
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Drop In Guests Welcome
May Use On Any Open Gym Or Class
Monthly Membership Limited

Limited CrossFit Two
Classes Per Week And Access To Open Gym
One Month Unlimited

One Month Unlimited CrossFit Classes
One Week Unlimited

One Week Unlimited CrossFit Classes Per Month
Two Week Unlimited

Two Week Unlimited CrossFit Classes Per Month
10 X Drop-In

10 X Drop-In CrossFit Classes ( 4 Month Exp )
20 X Drop-In

20 X Drop-In CrossFit Classes ( 4 Month Exp )
Three Month Unlimited

Three Month Unlimited CrossFit Classes
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Six Month Unlimited CrossFit Classes

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