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When most people hear the word “CrossFit”, they tend to only know what they may have heard—endless burpees, workouts that nearly kill you, dangerous lifts. The truth is, CrossFit is none of that. If you break down the word Crossfit, you will better understand what it is—fitness a”cross” many different means and methods. You won’t just be lifting or running. You will be doing that in addition to a wide variety of exercises with an emphasis on increasing your strength and endurance.

What is CrossFit?

A CrossFit workout combines both strength and cardiovascular training beginning with a warm up. Most workouts will focus on mastering one or two specific lifts followed up with a WOD (workout of the day). WODs are usually a combination of strength and cardio, but they can also be one or the other. This is what makes CrossFit an ideal way to get in the best shape of your life because you will never do the same workout twice. The goal is to make you a well-rounded athlete—not just someone who can run fast or deadlift heavy. Why focus on one when you can do both…and then some?

Who should do CrossFit?

Just about anyone can do CrossFit—even kids!In fact, more and more women are joining CrossFit gyms. CrossFit works for everybody because every exercise can be modified. Can’t do push ups on your toes? Do them on your knees or against a wall. Can’t run? Walk. Our coaches will work with you to provide you with a modification or safe alternative to an exercise. But just about anyone can participate in CrossFit regardless of age, fitness level or experience.

Why do CrossFit?

Everyone has their reasons for doing CrossFit. For some, it’s to push themselves past their fitness plateaus or to take their workouts to the next level. For others, it may be to improve their strength and endurance for a particular sport or activity. No matter why you choose to CrossFit, the result will be the same—you will improve your overall health while becoming stronger in the process. There is no better reason than that!

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New To Crossfit?

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I’ve never done CrossFit, can I still join?

Yes. CrossFit is not about what you already know. It’s about learning as you go. Even the most seasoned CrossFitters are continually learning in each workout whether it’s improving their squat, learning how to run faster or getting their first unassisted pull-up. CrossFit is not biased against first timers. We welcome you with open arms!

Can I drop in to a CrossFit class to try it?

Yes. We understand you might be curious and see for yourself what CrossFit is all about before making a commitment. Our coaches will make sure you are performing all exercises correctly in a safe and motivating environment. We are positive that once you try it, you’ll be hooked!

How do I get started?

We require that all of our clients go through our 8-week Fundamentals course. During these 8 weeks, we will explain the basics of CrossFit including the lifts most commonly used in the workouts and how to do them correctly. You will also get an understanding of what to expect in a typical CrossFit workout by going through WODs on a more beginner level.

Do you post your workouts ahead of time?

Unlike some CrossFit gyms, CrossFit Niseko does not post their workouts ahead of a scheduled class. We don’t want you to ignore workouts that have exercises you may struggle with or don’t like to do. Those are the ones you SHOULD be working on in order to overcome the challenge of doing them. Overall strength means working on all aspects of fitness—not just the ones you can already do well.

Are your coaches certified?

Yes! CrossFit has its own certifications which differ than your typical group fitness certification. All of our coaches are CrossFit Level 1 certified in addition to having other CrossFit certifications. These certifications are not easy to achieve so you know that at CrossFit Niseko, you will be working with coaches who have dedicated a lot of time to their craft with lots of hands-on experience.

What are WODs, EMOTMs and AMRAPs?

CrossFit has the distinction of having its own lingo. The WOD (Workout of the Day) is whatyou will see at the end of every CrossFit class. Other abbreviations you may see in classinclude EMOTM (Every Minute on the Minute) and AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible). Many exercises will also be abbreviated in class, but you’ll know them soon enough once you become a regular.

It is an awesome workout! I have seen significant changes in my strength, endurance, and shape. Ive been training Crossfit in Tokyo for 3 years and glad to see a box open up in Niseko.

Akira Sekiguchi

I’ve lost over 110 pounds so far and it’s changed my life. Your coaches have given me the tools, motivation, and the support I needed to become the person that I am today. The staff is great! It’s like a 2nd family.

Jo Goodwin

This is a welcoming place. I'm new to crossfit and the trainers work with you at your level. I'm 35 and I see all ages at this gym.

Wilbert Day

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