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CrossFit Niseko is located inKutchan—a town of roughly 15,000 residents half of which are visitors who enjoy the surrounding mountains for winter sports and vacation as as well as unobstructed views of Mount Yotei. Then again, its pretty much impossible not to have a view of Yotei! The gym itself is located in an old potato warehouse which is part of the history of Kutchan where production of potatoes and potato products was and still is a significant part of the town’s industry and economy.

After the success of the agriculture came a new found industry—tourism. The Niseko mountains brought skiing, snowboarding, rafting, hiking, cycling, fly fishing and trail running.And with it came tourists.

With such a physically active community now dominating the area, it made perfect sense to open up a CrossFit gym right here in Kutchan to help both casual and serious athletes to get stronger and healthier while helping them continue to lead an active lifestyle on a year-round basis.

CrossFit Niseko is also proud to have top rugby player, Logan Muir, as a coach. Logan also competes in rowing, karate and several other sports. He owns several gyms as well. Logan’s philosophy that you must train like an athlete to play like one, regardless of your fitness level, is one of CrossFit Niseko’s mottos and the foundation for what you will learn at our gym. Logan has been and continues to be on the frontlines of fitness competitions and knows how to train safely and effectively. This will ensure that YOU are getting top training with someone who is knowledgeable and experienced.

At CrossFit Niseko you will be surrounded by a community of coaches and members who are supportive and encouraging while helping you reach all of your fitness goals.

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Want to join our team?
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Jeremy Beuque
Jeremy Beuque
CrossFit Level 1
Kiyoko Tanno
Kiyoko Tanno
CrossFit Level 1
Logan Muir
Logan Muir
CrossFit Level 1,CrossFit Certified Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Certified Olympic Weightlifting Coach

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It is an awesome workout! I have seen significant changes in my strength, endurance, and shape. Ive been training Crossfit in Tokyo for 3 years and glad to see a box open up in Niseko.

Akira Sekiguchi

I’ve lost over 110 pounds so far and it’s changed my life. Your coaches have given me the tools, motivation, and the support I needed to become the person that I am today. The staff is great! It’s like a 2nd family.

Jo Goodwin

This is a welcoming place. I'm new to crossfit and the trainers work with you at your level. I'm 35 and I see all ages at this gym.

Wilbert Day

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