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CrossFit Workout

CrossFit Workout

CrossFit Workouts: A typical CrossFit class will consist of a five-minute warm up followed by technique work. Technique work usually involves working on one or two lifts with an emphasis on proper form while trying to increase the weight along the way. Once technique work is completed, you will do a WOD (workout of the day). WODs can last up to twenty minutes (often shorter) and are always at the end of the workout. Here you will be doing a series of exercises in a set amount of time or for a specific number of rounds.

We offer two types of CrossFit workouts—strength and stamina. Strength WODs will focus primarily on improving overall strength through specific lifts while stamina WODs will test you from a cardiovascular standpoint. For optimal results, you should always do at least one of each per week. Our schedule will list which type of workout is designed for each day.

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