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Learn the basics of CrossFit including common lifts and movements. This course will prepare you to move on to our traditional CrossFit workouts.

Fundamentals Course: This mandatory 8-class course is to get you primed and ready to do our standard CrossFit workouts and WODs. Here you will get an understanding of the basics of CrossFit including basic lifts and movements. A warm up and stretching will start off each class. After that, you will move on to learning common lifts like squats, deadlifts and overhead presses, just to name a few. The end of the class will feature a beginner level WOD so you get a feel for what you can expect once you graduate from the Fundamentals course to the main workouts.

Lesson 1 includes the following:

  • Warm Up


  • – Back Squat
  • – Front Squat


  • 8 min amrap
  • 40 Single Unders
  • 20 Med Ball Slams
  • 10 Med Ball Squats

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